April Lust List

Where on earth has April gone!?!!?

Time is flying by and it has now dawned on me that my summer holiday is about 12 weeks away…no more excuses, I have got to start an exercise/ diet and I actually have to stick to it this time!!

With this rather horrible realisation at the forefront of my mind my first /second April lust is a personal trainer and a personal chef…Does anyone know one or both of these who would be willing to take on a fairly hopeless case as a project for free!???!!!

Onto items that I would love to have in my wardrobe…but won’t be buying until I have shrunk and in some cases won the lottery!!

First up is the Theysken’s Theory leather jacket from my last post…I am currently obsessing about this!!

Theysken's Theory- Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

Theysken’s Theory- Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

Every summer I go on the hunt for the perfect pair of summer trousers, some years bare more fruit than others. This year could possible be a good trouser year,  I think the following two lusts are probably going to tick the trouser box…

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Cotton trousers, £110

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Cotton trousers, £110

Hush - Long Harem Trouser, £49.50

Hush – Long Harem Trouser, £49.50

I could possible have taken leave of my senses with the next item but they do look nice on the model!

Hush - Cropped harem trouser, £35

Hush – Cropped harem trouser, £35

I am also on the hunt for a good all-rounder pair of heeled sandals…now I may be making my normal mistake and lusting after a heel that is just too high but I want these!

Ash- Quartz heels, £175

Ash– Quartz heels, £175

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many grey knits and this one has caught my eye…I think I need this in my life.

Jigsaw- Slouchy jumper, £89

Jigsaw– Slouchy jumper, £89

My final lust for April is this gorgeous Etro kaftan.

I’m working on the premise that if I’m not quite as trim and toned as I would like by the time my holiday arrives; this rather glamorous and ever so slightly expensive number will provide perfect coverage for a multitude of sins!!!

Etro- Printed silk maxi kaftan, £545

Etro– Printed silk maxi kaftan, £545

Obviously this is going to remain right where it is on the lust list as I will be holidaying with children, who will be smothered in sun cream and probably ice cream…this does not a good mix make with a £545 silk kaftan!!

What have you been lusting over recently?

Until next time…


Loving Leather!

It has been a week of bicycles and babies in the Radcliffe household.

In a desperate attempt to burn off the poundage gained over Easter,  I have been placing my well covered posterior on my newly acquired ‘Big Bum Saddle’ and getting on my bike!

And when I’m not giving Bradley Wiggins a run for his money, I have been visiting the many babies born to my friend over the last two weeks.

A few hours with said friends, (who are basically now sleep deprived milk machines) has made me remove my rose-tinted spectacles and remember the hard slog that is a new-born.

Lovely cuddles were had and then the gorgeous little bundles were happily handed back!!

Now this is not the smoothest of transitions but I’m now going to start twittering about leather; something that I currently have a bee in my bonnet about.

Leather has been a huge trend over the past few seasons and one that is set to be big for the summer

There is an explanation for this sudden leather fetish but that will be for a later post… promise it’s not as 50 Shades of Grey as it sounds!!

With no further ado I thought I’d bring you some of the summer leather offerings from the catwalk…kicking proceeds off is my current lust, this gorgeous Theysken’s Theory leather and ribbed panel jacket.

Theysken's Theory- Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

Theysken’s Theory– Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

I’m rather fond of this Jil Sander jacket too..

Jil Sander -Nostradamus peplum back leather jacket, £2280

Jil Sander -Nostradamus peplum back leather jacket, £2280

...and the back!

…and the back!

Let’s not forget dresses, tops and trousers!

Saint Laurent- Asymmetic leather dress, £2400

Saint Laurent– Asymmetic leather dress, £2400

J Brand - Lena leather mini dress, £822

J Brand – Lena leather mini dress, £822

Jason Wu- Leather shift dress with lace panel, £2699

Jason Wu– Leather shift dress with lace panel, £2699

Gucci- Leather t- shirt, £1080

Gucci– Leather t- shirt, £1080

J Brand - Stretch leather skinny pants, £875

J Brand – Stretch leather skinny pants, £875

Balmain - Cropped leather skinny pants, £1817

Balmain – Cropped leather skinny pants, £1817

This is just the tip of the leather iceberg offering…if money is no object then you’re spoilt for choice.

Unfortunately for me, money is an object and one I’m don’t seem to have mountains of, so to the High Street I will be heading…Will I find good quality, well designed leather at a slightly more palatable price point?

My findings…

All Saints- Slate leather Biker jacket, £398

All Saints– Slate leather Biker jacket, £398

Warehouse- Soft leather biker, £140

Warehouse– Soft leather biker, £140

Whistles - Colour block leather dress £375

Whistles – Colour block leather dress £375

Oasis- Leather skater dress, £120

Oasis– Leather skater dress, £120

Baukjen- Liv leather Tee, £249

Baukjen– Liv leather Tee, £249

Whistles- Leather peplum, £250

Whistles- Leather peplum, £250

Joseph- Leather and gaberdine stretch legging, £495

Joseph– Leather and gaberdine stretch legging, £495

Baukjen _ Liv leather leggings, £299

Baukjen _ Liv leather leggings, £299

I’m happy…I think that the above shows it is well within the realm of possibility to acquire a very respectable leather garment at a relatively reasonable price…now, next question, what to buy!!?!

Have a lovely weekend!