Stripes and by the way where did the sun go?!??!

I am very unimpressed by this abrupt backward turn in the weather…do you realise that it is exactly a month until the longest day?

What is going on?

Should we do away with all thoughts of buying a summer wardrobe and just opt for an all year round winter one?

For the eternal optimists amongst us, who are still looking to invest in summer items, stripes could be your go- to, fail safe trend.

(Also they can live on into autumn/ winter quite nicely too!)

In stripe world anything goes… regatta, patchworked, shirting, wide, narrow, vertical or horizontal, take your pick.

Here’s a look at how they appeared on the S/S ’13 catwalks.

I love the Paul & Joe combo!

For the high street, stripes are a godsend and an easy sell, there should be no shortage of them at a more reasonable price point.

Here are some of my high street favourites.

Whistles- Stina Stripe Dress,  £165

Whistles– Stina Stripe Dress, £165

Maison Scotch- Silky Stripe Top, £98 reduced to £45

Maison Scotch– Silky Stripe Top, £98 reduced to £45

Yippee, this was on one of my Lust Lists…I shall be bagging myself one!!

By Marlene Birger- Suave Stripe Skirt, £145

By Marlene Birger– Suave Stripe Skirt, £145

Crew Clothing - Blossom Vest, £48

Crew Clothing – Blossom Vest, £48

Gap- Harbour jersey rolled sleeved striped dress, £34.95 reduced to £24.99

Gap- Harbour jersey rolled sleeved striped dress, £34.95 reduced to £24.99

& Other Stories- Striped Blazer, £79

& Other Stories– Striped Blazer, £79

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Linen T- Shirt, £55

Comptoir des Cotonniers– Linen T- Shirt, £55

Suffice to say that there is a bountiful stripe selection out there…now all we need is a bit of sun to go with them!!

Until next time….


Bermuda Shorts and Bare Legs!

Hooray the sun is finally shining though we may only be on borrowed time…

The unhappy down side to temperatures warming up is the inevitable baring of legs.

It’s catch 22, we spend our time wishing for warm weather but when it arrives we realise that poor lily-white legs are not ready for the light of day; and worse, for them to be ready for the light of day they actually have to be exposed to it…what to do?!!

Never the less the summer trend for the city short (bermuda short if you’re in America) is a great alternative to a skirt but it is still going to cause problems in the initial/ potentially only warm days at the beginning of summer.

City shorts of all fabrics/ fits/ colours and prints were strutted up and down the summer ’13 catwalks in vast quantities so I thought I’d bring you a sample selection from the shows.

Assuming that all goes according to plan on the leg preparation front, I’m feeling quite good about the re – emergence of this particular item of clothing.

So where are my high street alternatives…are there any city shorts out there!?!?

My findings…

French Connection - Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

French Connection – Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

Whistles- Orchid print silk short, £95

Whistles– Orchid print silk short, £95

Hush - Chloe shorts, £46

Hush – Chloe shorts, £46

& Other Stories - Striped Shorts, £39

& Other Stories – Striped Shorts, £39

Great Plains - Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Great Plains – Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Topshop - Contrast tailored short, £35

Topshop – Contrast tailored short, £35

Zara- Bird print shorts, £29.99

Zara– Bird print shorts, £29.99

I think it’s fair to say that the high street has well and truly jumped on this band wagon. If it’s shorts you’re after then they are in plentiful supply!

Well that’s great, so now it’s just the minor problem of transforming my legs into somebody else’s!!

Hope the sun shines for the weekend and I can get to work on a base colour!!

Have a lovely bank holiday!!

Metallic Madness!

I’m feeling quite smug…

We’re currently 1 week of the Easter holidays down and so far so good. No major fall outs and at the time of writing, no visits to A&E, ( I hope that I haven’t just tempted fate by putting that in black and white!)

Though the weather is still completely out of whack with the season and obstinately refusing to warm up, I am going to continue as though we are beginning to break out the summer clothes!

Today, I’m all about the latest summer trend for… metallic.

High sheen featured prominently in the S/S ’13 shows, turning up in all forms. The catwalk was awash with iridescent fabrics, holographic foils, glitter and sparkle aplenty.

Burberry, Nina Ricci and Diane Von Furstenberg were a few of the big names to really latched onto this latest trend; either going all out by sending whole outfits of lustrous metallic down the catwalk or, for a more subtle approach, all over sequins to add a touch of shimmer to their ranges.



Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I’m a sucker for a bit of Tina Sparkle so this trend is right up my street. If the sun ever decides to grace us with its presence I shall be there, reflecting her rays, whilst donning an article of high shine clothing!

But what will I find to satisfy this magpie need in me on the high street?

Topshop- Embellished body con dress, £110

Topshop- Embellished body con dress, £110

Zara- Sequinned Sweater, £45.99

Zara- Sequinned Sweater, £45.99

French Connection- Ozlem sequin leggings, £120

French Connection- Ozlem sequin leggings, £120

Stories -Structured Jacket, £79

& Other Stories -Structured Jacket, £79

Maje- Americano blouson argent, 295e

Maje- Americano blouson argent, 295e

Jigsaw - Square sequin pouch, £69

Jigsaw – Square sequin pouch, £69

Yep, I think, I’m going to be well and truly stylishly catered for and thank goodness I won’t  be walking round looking like a modern-day versions of Metal Mikey, remember him?

Will you be partaking in a bit of summer metallic if we ever get that far?

Happy weekend.

March Lust List

Here we are at the end of March already, a quarter of the year done and still we haven’t seen even a whiff of sun, remember what that is!?!

It’s Lust List time!

The pole position is completely unrivalled this month.

The thing I want most in the world is to lie on a sunny beach, feel warm and acquire a lovely golden tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.36.06Sadly unless Mr R has a surprise Easter break up his sleeve the above is not going to occur. Therefore my beach holiday is being replaced with the next best thing…a Sienna X spray tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.34.44

Have you had on of these? It has got to be the most natural looking spray tan and will have to suffice…for now!

Keeping on the summer theme, (it will turn up one day, even if it is only for one day!) my next lust are these gorgeous Burberry studded leather sandals. I have a little obsession with yellow. Unfortunately yellow doesn’t always look that great on me. I do believe, however that I could get away with these little lemon delights on my feet!

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

This is a bit of a umberella lust… I have been to ‘& Other Stories’ for a second time now and still have not managed to try anything on, very frustrating! My 3rd lust has therefore got to be, a que-less changing room in & Other Stories. I’m pretty convinced that if this were achieved, I would be lethal as I lust after most of the store!!

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

Next lust… leather leggings. I’m talking the real McCoy here not pleather. Tell me, is this wrong when you’re knocking on the door of 40 and not a supermodel? Most of these are around the £600 mark, however Baukjen have the Liv Leather Legging for £299 but they’re not due back in stock until May!!

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

I still don’t have my Acne Pistol boots, but I am now thinking that I need a pair which will work in the summer with dresses etc. My boot lust of the moment – the All Saints Suede Bonny boot. I think this is a really manageable heel height and hopefully I won’t look like Gulliver in Lilliput!

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

My final lust is from Crew Clothing. Probably a bit naughty but when I was designing for S/S ’13 last year, I threw in one or two pieces that I might like in my own wardrobe!! The Corina Cotton Dress was one such item. Hooray, it’s in stock and double hooray, I still like it! This is a great dress for hot days and holidays. I’m going to belt it and wear it with my Burberry sandals and the new bag that will be on my shoulder imminently!!

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Ooops, how could I forget the most important lust of all…EASTER EGGS!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.14.46

So there you have my March lusts, what do you think, what are you lusting after at the moment?

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

& Other Stories

The weather has not deterred me… today I made it to Regent Street for the store opening of ‘& Other Stories‘.

Along with a fair few other nutters, I waited in the rain for half an hour. The lovely staff at & Other Stories kept us going by offering up gorgeously packaged snacks… and then once through the door I was greeted with a goodie bag!

Thank you very much, I’m liking this already. Here’s my booty!

IMG_0236 I have to say that the opening was akin to the first day of the sales and there was pretty much a stampede. I’m not a huge fan of sales…can’t stand people getting in my way so it was a flying visit!

Anyhow, here are the windows. Please excuse the very large (slightly squiiffy!) pictures but I thought it would be easier to see!!



Once through the door I suffered a huge case of snow blindness. There was so much to look at, I was completely beside myself and didn’t know where to start!

This 2 floor store is definitely a lovely piece of affordable heaven.

They have achieved exactly what they set out to do. The aim was to deliver a range of masculine tailoring and feminine chic. Big tick.

Everywhere I looked, I found ‘lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range”. Another big tick.


The shop fit and layout reminded me of DKNY, all clean rails,interspersed with beautifully presented tables and shelves full of  yummy accessories & shoes.

Colour was everywhere, bright pinks, greens, blues, tastefully displayed in amongst black, navy and grey. Yes this is totally up my street!



The range was a lovely mix of casual daywear pieces and clean occasion wear. I would say that it is a more commercial version of Cos. The silhouettes are generally easier and although I didn’t manage to try anything on, changing rooms were full and even waiting for shoes was painful; there was no shortage of items I would have happily given a whirl!

However clothing is not the only delight inside this fabulous new store. Dotted in between the rails were areas given over to make up and beauty products, underwear, shoes, bags. Honestly I think I could spend a day in there and come out with all I needed!


The fabric choice ranged from cotton jerseys through to leather, with a large percentage in the middle being polyester, but well-chosen polyesters with a more expensive look and hand feel than the price points would suggest. Prints were understated and sophisticated florals and abstracts.


Due to the looming school pick up this was a smash and grab visit (without the grab!), unfortunately I didn’t manage to try anything on so no purchase was made.

I will, however be heading back to & Other Stories as I think it has most of my summer wardrobe sits within its four walls!

There has been a lot of hype/ marketing around this brand so I was really hoping that it would live up to expectations. Happily I can say that it exceeded them!

From what I’ve seen today I think there will be a fair amount of & Other Stories product in my wardrobe from now on!

If you aren’t able to visit the store, check out their website.

Happy weekend everyone!