Stripes and by the way where did the sun go?!??!

I am very unimpressed by this abrupt backward turn in the weather…do you realise that it is exactly a month until the longest day?

What is going on?

Should we do away with all thoughts of buying a summer wardrobe and just opt for an all year round winter one?

For the eternal optimists amongst us, who are still looking to invest in summer items, stripes could be your go- to, fail safe trend.

(Also they can live on into autumn/ winter quite nicely too!)

In stripe world anything goes… regatta, patchworked, shirting, wide, narrow, vertical or horizontal, take your pick.

Here’s a look at how they appeared on the S/S ’13 catwalks.

I love the Paul & Joe combo!

For the high street, stripes are a godsend and an easy sell, there should be no shortage of them at a more reasonable price point.

Here are some of my high street favourites.

Whistles- Stina Stripe Dress,  £165

Whistles– Stina Stripe Dress, £165

Maison Scotch- Silky Stripe Top, £98 reduced to £45

Maison Scotch– Silky Stripe Top, £98 reduced to £45

Yippee, this was on one of my Lust Lists…I shall be bagging myself one!!

By Marlene Birger- Suave Stripe Skirt, £145

By Marlene Birger– Suave Stripe Skirt, £145

Crew Clothing - Blossom Vest, £48

Crew Clothing – Blossom Vest, £48

Gap- Harbour jersey rolled sleeved striped dress, £34.95 reduced to £24.99

Gap- Harbour jersey rolled sleeved striped dress, £34.95 reduced to £24.99

& Other Stories- Striped Blazer, £79

& Other Stories– Striped Blazer, £79

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Linen T- Shirt, £55

Comptoir des Cotonniers– Linen T- Shirt, £55

Suffice to say that there is a bountiful stripe selection out there…now all we need is a bit of sun to go with them!!

Until next time….


Flower Power

The Easter holiday fun continues….

This weekend with the arrival of sun, family Radcliffe took a trip to Halford’s and got biked up.

I have not ridden a bike for about 20 years, t was a sight for sore eyes!! After about an hour and a half in the saddle I was definitely feeling very uncomfortable!

According to Mr R, I am completely wrong to expect cycling to be comfortable and apparently saddles are not sofas… I beg to differ my new ‘Big Bum Sprung Bike Saddle’ is on order!

the sofa of saddles!

the sofa of saddles!

Now onto the important stuff, my summer trend du jour is ‘florals’.

I’m a sucker for a floral so this trend will suit me down to the ground. Flower power has hit the catwalks and so in turn the high street.

This seasons florals are not the BHS variety of flat garden prints. No florals literally sprang forth from the catwalks of S/S ’13, taking on 3D forms. They were oversized, playful, placement, embroidered and photographic.

They took us on a journey through the decades from the floaty and feminine 20’s to the ditsy print tea dress of the 30’s and on to the graphic 60’s.

In fact you name it, it was there.

There surely has got to be something for everyone with this trend?

So what about the high street, what will we find there to satisfy the budding horticulturists amongst us?

Whistles- Victoria Floral Cotton Dress, £135

Whistles– Victoria Floral Cotton Dress, £135

Zara - Floral Print Trousers, £35.99

Zara – Floral Print Trousers, £35.99

NW3- Birch Flower Dress, £169 reduced £118

NW3– Birch Flower Dress, £169 reduced £118

Coast - Multi Winslow Dress, £125

Coast – Multi Winslow Dress, £125

Ted Baker- Novaas lace skirt., £169

Ted Baker– Novaas lace skirt., £169

Karen Millen - Signature fit printed pencil, £160

Karen Millen – Signature fit printed pencil, £160

So will you be blooming marvellous this summer or has another trend caught your eye?

Until next time…

Are the Sixties Swinging Back into Fashion…Again?


This week, so far, has been beautifully, plain sailing & very uneventful. The only hangover from the disaster that was last week, is an, as yet unresolved, but definitely disputed parking ticket!!

But enough of that…on to far more interesting stuff!

I have to admit, that when I was pulling together my post about S/S ’13 trends, I omitted ‘The Sixties’ look on purpose.

With my designer hat on, I decided that this trend was probably the least commercial of all the trends/ looks out there.

In my opinion, this is a trend that will probably do well at both, the higher and lower ends of the fashion market, but will struggle in the middle.

None the less, ‘The Swinging Sixties’ are definitely back, and after telling you about the sixties inspired, flat/ mid heeled shoe trend that is about to rock up; it felt right that I should post about this new trend set to sweep the nation!

So here are my musings on the important ’60’s Modernist’ trend.

Louis Vuitton showed cute, boxy shapes in Sixtie’s geometric prints and patterns. You’d require nerves of steel and a suitcase full of confidence, to feel comfortable wearing this look head to toe. However mixed back to a solid colour, or worn as an accessory, it starts to be a lot less scary.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 14.12.06

Bold prints and clean shapes again, brought a very uncluttered, Edie Sedgwick look to the Marc Jacobs show. I love this knit and with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt, it’s not difficult at all.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 14.16.13

Moschino played with two shapes that scream Sixties, the mini skirt and mini dress.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 15.07.13

And at Markus Lupfer, the Sixties reference was more subtle. His use of metallic ‘ Barbarella’ inspired fabrics added a sci-fi edge to the collection.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 14.34.01

How is it feeling so far?

If the clothing is not for you, how about…hair and make up, which also looked to the ‘Swinging Sixties’ for inspiration?

I know, I know, these are unblemished, fresh faced 18 year olds for God Sake!

I’m quietly confident, (and maybe a touch optimistic) that with a bit of mascara cleverness, these Sixties sex bomb looks can be tweaked for all.


Am I off my head? Is this wishful thinking!?!!?

The Jane Birkin look at John Paul Gaultier

The Jane Birkin look at John Paul Gaultier

Left: Louis Vuitton, right: Marc Jacobs

Left: Louis Vuitton, right: Marc Jacobs

So how has the high street interpreted the Sixties trend?

At the moment it’s slim pickings, but this could well change as the we move further towards high summer.

The items that I did find, were tellingly, at the lower priced end of the high street.

To me, this speaks volumes. It’s saying that the Sixties trend, unless done to slick, perfection, at designer level, is probably more appropriate for anyone under 25 years of age.

The mid priced brands have opted to play it safe so far, and have gone for the easier, black and white ‘Monochrome’ sell. I’m betting that this will be their safe, nod and a wink towards Sixties.

Being a touch over 25;-) my nod and wink to this key change decade, will be one of the  following:

A) Wear well chosen items of the Markus Lupfer variety and mix them back to none retro / vintage pieces.

B) Choosing Sixties inspired accessories that will subtly do the job.

C) Avoid this trend like the plague!

What are your thoughts on this?

Am I making a fuss about nothing?