Bermuda Shorts and Bare Legs!

Hooray the sun is finally shining though we may only be on borrowed time…

The unhappy down side to temperatures warming up is the inevitable baring of legs.

It’s catch 22, we spend our time wishing for warm weather but when it arrives we realise that poor lily-white legs are not ready for the light of day; and worse, for them to be ready for the light of day they actually have to be exposed to it…what to do?!!

Never the less the summer trend for the city short (bermuda short if you’re in America) is a great alternative to a skirt but it is still going to cause problems in the initial/ potentially only warm days at the beginning of summer.

City shorts of all fabrics/ fits/ colours and prints were strutted up and down the summer ’13 catwalks in vast quantities so I thought I’d bring you a sample selection from the shows.

Assuming that all goes according to plan on the leg preparation front, I’m feeling quite good about the re – emergence of this particular item of clothing.

So where are my high street alternatives…are there any city shorts out there!?!?

My findings…

French Connection - Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

French Connection – Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

Whistles- Orchid print silk short, £95

Whistles– Orchid print silk short, £95

Hush - Chloe shorts, £46

Hush – Chloe shorts, £46

& Other Stories - Striped Shorts, £39

& Other Stories – Striped Shorts, £39

Great Plains - Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Great Plains – Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Topshop - Contrast tailored short, £35

Topshop – Contrast tailored short, £35

Zara- Bird print shorts, £29.99

Zara– Bird print shorts, £29.99

I think it’s fair to say that the high street has well and truly jumped on this band wagon. If it’s shorts you’re after then they are in plentiful supply!

Well that’s great, so now it’s just the minor problem of transforming my legs into somebody else’s!!

Hope the sun shines for the weekend and I can get to work on a base colour!!

Have a lovely bank holiday!!


Tiffany’s and Tee-shirts!

I’m a happy bunny…A couple of days ago I missed a parcel delivery.

I duly went to collect said package, (with minimal enthusiasm it must be said) only to find a very covetable box inside…


Obviously my enthusiasm for this package increased tenfold!

Inside was a beautiful Tiffany’s necklace – A thank you for looking after my Godson (to be) for a couple of days whilst his baby sister was born!

Please excuse the dud photography…would have worn it but an extreeeeme close up was just too scary!!


He was a dream to look after and give him to me for a week if this how I’m thanked!

Utterly brilliant, there I was thinking that I needed another Alex Monroe necklace, when in fact what I really needed was a fabulous Tiffany’s necklace!!

Moving on swiftly, and todays topic is the humble Tee – shirt.

I’ve got to say that along with jeans, the Tee – shirt is an item of clothing that I just could not live without.

It would however seem that the humble Tee – shirt is moving up in the world.

Where once it was relegated to a gym workout or a slobby Sunday; the Tee – shirt shape has now taken on a life of its own…

Tee – shirt tops are addressing a multitude of wardrobe dilemmas and I think you would be hard pushed to find a more versatile item in your wardrobe!

Cop a load of these beauties!!

Derek Lam, Macrame Top, £1050

Derek Lam, Macrame Top, £1050

Marni- printed cotton jersey and cotton canvas t- shirt, £220

Marni- printed cotton jersey and cotton canvas t- shirt, £220

Simone Rocha- Neon embroidered organza T- shirt, £695

Simone Rocha– Neon embroidered organza T- shirt, £695

Mulberry- Cotton blend lace top, £495

Mulberry– Cotton blend lace top, £495

Hmmm, slightly of the spenny side, once you’ve bought one of these you’ll probably be saving your pennies and watching a lot of TV!

Never fear, the High Street have produced some lovely offerings and they won’t break the bank…too much!!

Whistles- Sporty lace sleeve top, £95

Whistles– Sporty lace sleeve top, £95

French Connection- Broiderie Anglaise short sleeve top, £72

French Connection– Broiderie Anglaise short sleeve top, £72

Warehouse- Metallic knit tee, £28

Warehouse– Metallic knit tee, £28

Zara- Cut out faux leather top, £39.99

Zara– Cut out faux leather top, £39.99

Baukjen- Liv leather tee, £249

Baukjen– Liv leather tee, £249

Topshop- Broiderie high neck crop tee, £28

Topshop– Broiderie high neck crop tee, £28

If only the sun would come out and stay out I’d be living in these!!

What’s your go to/ must have wardrobe item?

Until next time…

Metallic Madness!

I’m feeling quite smug…

We’re currently 1 week of the Easter holidays down and so far so good. No major fall outs and at the time of writing, no visits to A&E, ( I hope that I haven’t just tempted fate by putting that in black and white!)

Though the weather is still completely out of whack with the season and obstinately refusing to warm up, I am going to continue as though we are beginning to break out the summer clothes!

Today, I’m all about the latest summer trend for… metallic.

High sheen featured prominently in the S/S ’13 shows, turning up in all forms. The catwalk was awash with iridescent fabrics, holographic foils, glitter and sparkle aplenty.

Burberry, Nina Ricci and Diane Von Furstenberg were a few of the big names to really latched onto this latest trend; either going all out by sending whole outfits of lustrous metallic down the catwalk or, for a more subtle approach, all over sequins to add a touch of shimmer to their ranges.



Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I’m a sucker for a bit of Tina Sparkle so this trend is right up my street. If the sun ever decides to grace us with its presence I shall be there, reflecting her rays, whilst donning an article of high shine clothing!

But what will I find to satisfy this magpie need in me on the high street?

Topshop- Embellished body con dress, £110

Topshop- Embellished body con dress, £110

Zara- Sequinned Sweater, £45.99

Zara- Sequinned Sweater, £45.99

French Connection- Ozlem sequin leggings, £120

French Connection- Ozlem sequin leggings, £120

Stories -Structured Jacket, £79

& Other Stories -Structured Jacket, £79

Maje- Americano blouson argent, 295e

Maje- Americano blouson argent, 295e

Jigsaw - Square sequin pouch, £69

Jigsaw – Square sequin pouch, £69

Yep, I think, I’m going to be well and truly stylishly catered for and thank goodness I won’t  be walking round looking like a modern-day versions of Metal Mikey, remember him?

Will you be partaking in a bit of summer metallic if we ever get that far?

Happy weekend.

February Lust List

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

It’s lust list time again.

Following on from January’s Lust List, I must inform you that birthday money is now burning a hole in my pocket. The Mulberry or the Stella McCartney bag may soon be mine. I will keep you posted.

Onwards, to the things that have turned my head this month… so that would be a fair few of the A/W ’13 collections then!

I’ve decided to stick to the here and now and go with current ranges.

Up first is the Lena Jersey Jacket from Whistle, included in a recent post. I have decided that I absolutely must own one of these.  Spring is very nearly upon us and it will become a much worn item in my wardrobe. Plus at the moment you can get a further 25% off courtesy of Grazia. I make that £71.25 but my maths is quite ropey so this could well be wrong! If you work it out to cost more please don’t tell me, as I’m happy being blissfully ignorant!

Whistles, Lena Jersey Jacket, £95

Whistles, Lena Jersey Jacket, £95

My next lust of the month is something that I’ve had my beady eye on the a good few weeks now. I’ve yet to try them on but, like Kat over at ‘Does my bum look 40 in this?‘, I have a soft spot for what I like to call ‘comfy slacks”. This pair look like they could well have my name written on them. However as I said, as yet they remain untried. There is strong likelihood that I could end up in French Connection looking like a pig in a sling for the 2nd time in as many weeks! But the Nix Nights Tie Front Trouser have a place in my lust list…for the moment.

French Connection, Nix Nights Tie Trouser, £87

French Connection, Nix Nights Tie Trouser, £87

I am constantly on the lookout for tops that can do a multiple of different jobs. If I can dress it down for a school run and dress it up for a night out, (that’s a few drinks or a meal, not a ‘out out ‘ night out!) then it gets a big thumbs up from me. I think I may have found a contender in this top by Splendid currently being sold by Atterley Road. Also I do have a bit of a thing for grey, so for this it gains a double thumbs up!

Splendid, Two Pocket Shirt, £102

Splendid, Two Pocket Shirt, £102

My amazing (though possibly slightly insane) friends, have asked me to be Godmother to their son. The Christening is in June and so the search for an appropriate outfit begins. I’m loving this dress by By Marlene Birger and it could definitely be worn again and again. It’s a bit ‘spenny’ and black may be an issue but mixed with a coloured blazer/ accessories I think this could be a winner.

By Marlene Birger, Pacha Silk Dress, £469

By Marlene Birger, Pacha Silk Dress, £469

My final lust for February is a piece of jewellery. I am already the very happy owner of an Alex Monroe bee necklace. It’s a really lovely piece and it goes with literally anything. For this reason, I think my little bee needs a friend to help with the workload. I am therefore hankering after this gorgeous Hummingbird necklace.

Alex Monroe, Hummingbird Necklace, £132

Alex Monroe, Hummingbird Necklace, £132

And there we have it, I think I’ve been very restrained!

What do you think, do you like or loath my February lusts?

Happy weekend everyone!

Desperately Seeking a Sweater!!

Well it’s official, I am now 38 years old and edging ever closer to the BIG four 0000HHH!!

The momentous day was passed at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Yes, I spent my birthday looking around ‘The Warrior’, a 150 year old warship, on a boat trip around the Portsmouth Harbour and then the Piece de Resistance…lunch.

A boozy 3 course meal, I hear you ask?

Don’t be ridiculous Mr R treated me to jacket potato, cheese and beans in a boat shed!!!

I wonder, does he knows me at all!?!!

Birthday done and with the weather doing its usual yo- yo, warm / cold / colder act, I have decided that I need to jump on the sweater/ sweatshirt bandwagon and bag myself one.

In dreamland I would like a wardrobe full of Markus Lupfer sweaters, but unfortunately I must live in reality, and £250 (plus the rest) just can’t be justified for day in day out school run attire…or can it?!?!

Markus Lupfer, Ice Cream sequin - embelished knit - £322.

Markus Lupfer, Ice Cream sequin – embellished knit – £322.

With kids in tow, I managed to smash and grab through two shops at high-speed, before the inevitable whining began, don’t you just love half term?

First up French Connection. I have to say, I wasn’t bowled over. This may be doing FCUK a huge injustice, I was, after all trying on in a hurry and I do find that having children around in a fitting room tends to make everything look horrid!!!!

The Solitude Sweatshirt, £55, did me no favours. the neck was very wide but this was the least of my problems, I looked akin to a pig in a sling! So bad, in fact I can’t bring myself to put the picture on here!! Instead here is the model doing a much better job…I personally don’t believe it’s the same top!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 15.23.20

I then moved onto the Lovebird Sequin L/S Sweater, £67. Not quite as offensive but, again I don’t think it’s ‘my style of beauty’ as my Gran would say. I found myself thinking that I may be better off spending the extra £200 and going for the Rolls Royce!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.57.24

Beginning to panic now…I’m running out of time!!

Onto Whistles… I feel like a cracked record, but they do always seem to come up trumps for me!!

BINGO – The Jamie Woven Back Sweat, £65, was a much better fit and the woven back was a really nice detail. Definitely a piece I could wear day and night. I think I will be going back to purchase this lemon delight. Apologies for the rubbish pic, I was trying, ( an it appears failing) to show the woven triangle insert at the front neck.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.56.44

I left the back view to the pro's

I left the back view to the pro’s

Next I tried the Contrast Sleeve Textured Tunic, £85. Probably won’t be buying this, but a great knit with faux leather sleeves. Again apologies for the photo…that’s my ‘concentrating’ face!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.56.22

Finally I somehow managed to veer completely off track and found myself trying on the Lena Jersey Jacket, £95. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, I have been circling it as if it were prey for a while. Anyway, It didn’t disappoint. I would very much like to have one, if not 2 of these, preferably plain and striped in my wardrobe. Great fabric, cut and colour, ( I am obsessed with grey!), YES PLEASE!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.57.48

And so it is, that I shall probably find myself back in Whistles come the end of half term, making a couple of purchases, Huzzah!!

Any successful, ‘shopping with kids’ tips will be gratefully received…obviously getting shot would be no.1!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

The Problem with a Peplum!

Well, Tuesdays’ Lust List was received with a raised eyebrow & a derisive shake of the head by Mr R.

My spidey senses are picking up, that he was not overly impressed with my extravagant taste levels!

He need not worry, as I have found one thing that will not be turning up on a lust list anytime soon, and that is any item of clothing which happens to have a peplum attached to it.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with wearing them?

A quick history lesson – The peplum first made an appearance in the late 1930’s, before rationing took hold, and when fabric was freely available. It quickly disappeared during the war only to  re-emerge, with a flourish, in the form of such glorious pieces as The Bar Jacket by Christian Dior. This heralded The New Look era.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 16.59.02

As is the way with trends, the peplum stuck around for a while, then vanished, returning a few decades later. The 1980’s saw the 2nd coming of the peplum.

SJP in Sex And The City in a vintage 1980's peplum dress

SJP in Sex And The City in a vintage 1980’s peplum dress.

Once again, the peplum is enjoying a revival. It’s been around for a few seasons now, but shows no signs of disappearing. S/S ’13 still had a fair few of them knocking around.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.59.54

From left to right- Burberry, Badgley Mischka, Ralph Lauren

I can, hand on heart, say that I have tried really hard to get along with them, but they just don’t suit me!!

I am aware that in the world of fashion, all peplums are not created equal.

Some are fuller and suit a more boyish figure, creating curves, where there are none. Others are slightly less fluted, falling gently over the hips of a fuller figure, giving a sexy, Jessica Rabbit appearance.

This being the case, there should be a peplum for everyone…so where the hell is mine?

I have searched high and low and, as yet, the perfect peplum for me has been very elusive.

To prove my point, here I am managing to annihilate, what is probably, a very nice, French Connection, peplum top.

IMG_0064 “My God, Kat your boobs look huge in that!”. Was my sisters immediate response upon seeing this oh so flattering picture.

Give her her due, she does have a point. This is definitely not working for me!

The problem is that I have, either a very long body or incredibly large boobs, or a mixture of the two!

The waist seam, annoyingly, never, ever ends up on my waist, but usually hovers 3cm above it. The result look is that of an empireline dress/ top that has gone very drastically wrong.

I am quite obviously a freak of nature, who will have to accept that this is a trend I shall not be partaking in.

Make me feel better…Does anyone else share the same problem, or is there a trend/ item of clothing that try as you may just won’t work for you?

Until next time!

How to Shop a Sale

Yes people, it’s that time of year again!

The Boxing Day sales are nearly upon us.

A time when normally sane people will leave their homes and flock to Oxford Street or whichever shopping area they normally frequent, to spend their hard-earned money on a BARGAIN!!

My 92-year-old grandmother has always said “It’s only a bargain if you can afford it.” She’s very wise and always right!

Please can I add to this saying that it is also only a bargain if you end up using/ wearing your discounted purchase!

Fear not, there is a foolproof way to shop a sale. You need to take the fashion designer approach!

A non designer shopper will rifle through a sale rail with a look of pure glee on their face, whilst grabbing up anything and everything because it’s a bargain!

A fashion designer will view the same rail as if it were code that Bletchley Park would be pleased to crack.

For me, a rail bulging with the ‘must have’ colour of the season, first & foremost sends a very clear message that the designers ‘must have’ got it wrong.

The colour, in the cold light of discount day is unflattering and doesn’t suit anyone. Unless I am 100% sure I can pull of what 99% of the female population cannot the offending hue stays firmly on the rail and I make a mental note never to suggest it in a design meeting.

In the same vein the ‘it’ dress on the catwalk may well look fabulous on a 5′ 10″ , size 10 supermodel. It may not, however look so hot on the 5’5″, size 14 women in Oasis.

THE RULE : If something is in a sale en mass, it’s a sign. You should ask yourself why no one has bought it? Is it the colour, style, fit? Only when you’ve ascertained that you actually look good in the chosen garment should you purchase it.

Believe me this approach will save you money and when you do find something that works it will become like an old friend!!

Having said all of this I do enjoy a sale and I  have found a number of billy bargains over the years.

I have therefore trawled the internet to find some of what I consider to be the best no brainer bargains of the moment.

I would happily part with money for any of these!

Until next time…Happy Christmas and Happy Sale Shopping!!