Bermuda Shorts and Bare Legs!

Hooray the sun is finally shining though we may only be on borrowed time…

The unhappy down side to temperatures warming up is the inevitable baring of legs.

It’s catch 22, we spend our time wishing for warm weather but when it arrives we realise that poor lily-white legs are not ready for the light of day; and worse, for them to be ready for the light of day they actually have to be exposed to it…what to do?!!

Never the less the summer trend for the city short (bermuda short if you’re in America) is a great alternative to a skirt but it is still going to cause problems in the initial/ potentially only warm days at the beginning of summer.

City shorts of all fabrics/ fits/ colours and prints were strutted up and down the summer ’13 catwalks in vast quantities so I thought I’d bring you a sample selection from the shows.

Assuming that all goes according to plan on the leg preparation front, I’m feeling quite good about the re – emergence of this particular item of clothing.

So where are my high street alternatives…are there any city shorts out there!?!?

My findings…

French Connection - Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

French Connection – Infinity drape tie waist shorts, £62

Whistles- Orchid print silk short, £95

Whistles– Orchid print silk short, £95

Hush - Chloe shorts, £46

Hush – Chloe shorts, £46

& Other Stories - Striped Shorts, £39

& Other Stories – Striped Shorts, £39

Great Plains - Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Great Plains – Tallahassee Shorts, £40

Topshop - Contrast tailored short, £35

Topshop – Contrast tailored short, £35

Zara- Bird print shorts, £29.99

Zara– Bird print shorts, £29.99

I think it’s fair to say that the high street has well and truly jumped on this band wagon. If it’s shorts you’re after then they are in plentiful supply!

Well that’s great, so now it’s just the minor problem of transforming my legs into somebody else’s!!

Hope the sun shines for the weekend and I can get to work on a base colour!!

Have a lovely bank holiday!!


Spring/ Summer ’13 Colours with a bit of Farrow and Ball!

Given todays deluge of snow, you may be forgiven for thinking that I have taken leave of my senses when you read this post.

Summer colours are probably not what you’ll be rushing out to buy tomorrow but it’s always good to be ahead of the curve!!!

Anyway, where did the week go and what the hell have I been doing?!?!

To be fair a large chunk has been spent painting my living room.

Just before Xmas I had the bright idea that it needed redecorating.

I promptly informed Mr R of my brilliant plan and got him to rip the room apart. He probably knew this was a bad idea, with terrible timing but experience has taught him to keep schtum and JFDI!

So that is exactly what he did.

Finally, yesterday, after 2 months of mess, the sofa arrived and I merrily splashed the last bit of Lamp Room Grey around the walls. Done at last. Hooray!!

I’m a sad individual and I’m almost fanatical about the Farrow and Ball colour palette. Given the chance and a willing partner,  I will happily discuss the merits and demerits of its colour palette for hours!

Anyway, moving swiftly from one fabulous colour palette to another. Lets talk S/S ’13 colour trends…do you like how I did that?!?

The catwalks were awash with colour last September.

Look hard enough and you could pretty much find every colour, shade and hue amongst the millions of clothes that were paraded up and down.

I am going to concentrate on the four biggest & brightest colour groups/ trends.

No 1 and probably the biggest news in colour  for S/S ’13 is actually a non colour…

White – This was the must have colour on every designers catwalk. White was everywhere, whether worn as a head to toe outfit, as white on white embellishment or broken up with a contrast block colour. It was a must have. Not the easiest to carry off especially if we don’t get any sun!
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 13.31.59

From left to right – Chloe, Givenchy, Missoni

Next up is…

Pastels – This is a really pretty and feminine colour group. All colours in soft, pale shades were on show. Again, not an easy level to wear against lily-white, ‘I haven’t seen the sun in years!’ skin. We definitely need to get some colour for this to work!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 13.32.20

From left to right – Antonio Marras, Chloe, See by Chloe

In stark contrast to the soft pastels is a group of colours not for the faint hearted…

Neon Brights – A very bold group of colours. Everything from neon yellow to shocking pink goes! Maybe not everyone’s first choice for a head to toe look, (though it would definitely get you noticed)! These colours look great worn back to any neutral and will mix back and modernise clothes from last summer.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 13.31.46

Left to right – Christian Dior, Cacharel, Givenchy

My last colour trend is again about non colour…

Black and White – Monochrome was 2nd only to white in popularity and appeared every which way possible, as print, banding, patchwork & block colour. A really easy colour mix to wear. However, if you go for the block colour look, BEWARE; you very can easily end up looking like a waitress!!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 13.32.09

Left to right – Giambattista Vialli, Balenciaga, Lanvin

Just enough time to do Diet Watch– All I can say about that is ERGGHH, not going well at all. Will start again Monday!!

Next time my final S/S ’13 installment. Key Pieces.

Happy  & snowy weekend everyone!