April Lust List

Where on earth has April gone!?!!?

Time is flying by and it has now dawned on me that my summer holiday is about 12 weeks away…no more excuses, I have got to start an exercise/ diet and I actually have to stick to it this time!!

With this rather horrible realisation at the forefront of my mind my first /second April lust is a personal trainer and a personal chef…Does anyone know one or both of these who would be willing to take on a fairly hopeless case as a project for free!???!!!

Onto items that I would love to have in my wardrobe…but won’t be buying until I have shrunk and in some cases won the lottery!!

First up is the Theysken’s Theory leather jacket from my last post…I am currently obsessing about this!!

Theysken's Theory- Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

Theysken’s Theory- Jadra Leather jacket, £1045

Every summer I go on the hunt for the perfect pair of summer trousers, some years bare more fruit than others. This year could possible be a good trouser year,  I think the following two lusts are probably going to tick the trouser box…

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Cotton trousers, £110

Comptoir des Cotonniers- Cotton trousers, £110

Hush - Long Harem Trouser, £49.50

Hush – Long Harem Trouser, £49.50

I could possible have taken leave of my senses with the next item but they do look nice on the model!

Hush - Cropped harem trouser, £35

Hush – Cropped harem trouser, £35

I am also on the hunt for a good all-rounder pair of heeled sandals…now I may be making my normal mistake and lusting after a heel that is just too high but I want these!

Ash- Quartz heels, £175

Ash– Quartz heels, £175

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many grey knits and this one has caught my eye…I think I need this in my life.

Jigsaw- Slouchy jumper, £89

Jigsaw– Slouchy jumper, £89

My final lust for April is this gorgeous Etro kaftan.

I’m working on the premise that if I’m not quite as trim and toned as I would like by the time my holiday arrives; this rather glamorous and ever so slightly expensive number will provide perfect coverage for a multitude of sins!!!

Etro- Printed silk maxi kaftan, £545

Etro– Printed silk maxi kaftan, £545

Obviously this is going to remain right where it is on the lust list as I will be holidaying with children, who will be smothered in sun cream and probably ice cream…this does not a good mix make with a £545 silk kaftan!!

What have you been lusting over recently?

Until next time…


March Lust List

Here we are at the end of March already, a quarter of the year done and still we haven’t seen even a whiff of sun, remember what that is!?!

It’s Lust List time!

The pole position is completely unrivalled this month.

The thing I want most in the world is to lie on a sunny beach, feel warm and acquire a lovely golden tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.36.06Sadly unless Mr R has a surprise Easter break up his sleeve the above is not going to occur. Therefore my beach holiday is being replaced with the next best thing…a Sienna X spray tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.34.44

Have you had on of these? It has got to be the most natural looking spray tan and will have to suffice…for now!

Keeping on the summer theme, (it will turn up one day, even if it is only for one day!) my next lust are these gorgeous Burberry studded leather sandals. I have a little obsession with yellow. Unfortunately yellow doesn’t always look that great on me. I do believe, however that I could get away with these little lemon delights on my feet!

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

This is a bit of a umberella lust… I have been to ‘& Other Stories’ for a second time now and still have not managed to try anything on, very frustrating! My 3rd lust has therefore got to be, a que-less changing room in & Other Stories. I’m pretty convinced that if this were achieved, I would be lethal as I lust after most of the store!!

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

Next lust… leather leggings. I’m talking the real McCoy here not pleather. Tell me, is this wrong when you’re knocking on the door of 40 and not a supermodel? Most of these are around the £600 mark, however Baukjen have the Liv Leather Legging for £299 but they’re not due back in stock until May!!

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

I still don’t have my Acne Pistol boots, but I am now thinking that I need a pair which will work in the summer with dresses etc. My boot lust of the moment – the All Saints Suede Bonny boot. I think this is a really manageable heel height and hopefully I won’t look like Gulliver in Lilliput!

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

My final lust is from Crew Clothing. Probably a bit naughty but when I was designing for S/S ’13 last year, I threw in one or two pieces that I might like in my own wardrobe!! The Corina Cotton Dress was one such item. Hooray, it’s in stock and double hooray, I still like it! This is a great dress for hot days and holidays. I’m going to belt it and wear it with my Burberry sandals and the new bag that will be on my shoulder imminently!!

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Ooops, how could I forget the most important lust of all…EASTER EGGS!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.14.46

So there you have my March lusts, what do you think, what are you lusting after at the moment?

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

February Lust List

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

It’s lust list time again.

Following on from January’s Lust List, I must inform you that birthday money is now burning a hole in my pocket. The Mulberry or the Stella McCartney bag may soon be mine. I will keep you posted.

Onwards, to the things that have turned my head this month… so that would be a fair few of the A/W ’13 collections then!

I’ve decided to stick to the here and now and go with current ranges.

Up first is the Lena Jersey Jacket from Whistle, included in a recent post. I have decided that I absolutely must own one of these.  Spring is very nearly upon us and it will become a much worn item in my wardrobe. Plus at the moment you can get a further 25% off courtesy of Grazia. I make that £71.25 but my maths is quite ropey so this could well be wrong! If you work it out to cost more please don’t tell me, as I’m happy being blissfully ignorant!

Whistles, Lena Jersey Jacket, £95

Whistles, Lena Jersey Jacket, £95

My next lust of the month is something that I’ve had my beady eye on the a good few weeks now. I’ve yet to try them on but, like Kat over at ‘Does my bum look 40 in this?‘, I have a soft spot for what I like to call ‘comfy slacks”. This pair look like they could well have my name written on them. However as I said, as yet they remain untried. There is strong likelihood that I could end up in French Connection looking like a pig in a sling for the 2nd time in as many weeks! But the Nix Nights Tie Front Trouser have a place in my lust list…for the moment.

French Connection, Nix Nights Tie Trouser, £87

French Connection, Nix Nights Tie Trouser, £87

I am constantly on the lookout for tops that can do a multiple of different jobs. If I can dress it down for a school run and dress it up for a night out, (that’s a few drinks or a meal, not a ‘out out ‘ night out!) then it gets a big thumbs up from me. I think I may have found a contender in this top by Splendid currently being sold by Atterley Road. Also I do have a bit of a thing for grey, so for this it gains a double thumbs up!

Splendid, Two Pocket Shirt, £102

Splendid, Two Pocket Shirt, £102

My amazing (though possibly slightly insane) friends, have asked me to be Godmother to their son. The Christening is in June and so the search for an appropriate outfit begins. I’m loving this dress by By Marlene Birger and it could definitely be worn again and again. It’s a bit ‘spenny’ and black may be an issue but mixed with a coloured blazer/ accessories I think this could be a winner.

By Marlene Birger, Pacha Silk Dress, £469

By Marlene Birger, Pacha Silk Dress, £469

My final lust for February is a piece of jewellery. I am already the very happy owner of an Alex Monroe bee necklace. It’s a really lovely piece and it goes with literally anything. For this reason, I think my little bee needs a friend to help with the workload. I am therefore hankering after this gorgeous Hummingbird necklace.

Alex Monroe, Hummingbird Necklace, £132

Alex Monroe, Hummingbird Necklace, £132

And there we have it, I think I’ve been very restrained!

What do you think, do you like or loath my February lusts?

Happy weekend everyone!

January Lust List

January has been a miserably, frugal month for me…and it’s been very painful.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a lack of funds, I constantly see things that I simply must have in my life. Unfortunately, these desirable items never seem to be found in abundance, when I do actually have money burning a hole in my pocket.

Why is that?

Regardless of this minor problem, I’ve been steadily building my January Lust List. The anchor pieces that, in my dreams will become my spring wardrobe!

I will, of course, let you know if I do, indeed manage to acquire any of the following beauties!

I need a new bag, or rather I’ve come to the conclusion that I need two. A tote and a smaller shoulder bag to be precise.

First the tote.

The choices are many and varied, but I cannot seem to get the Falabella Chamois Fold Over Tote, a Stella McCartney staple, out of my head. An absolute snip at £665!

I love the fact that this gorgeous bag can be a tote, but can also be carried as a shoulder bag. I know, I could sort both bags with just this one, but where’s the fun in that? Why spend less, when you can spend more?

Stella Falabella chamois fold over tote £665

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 14.29.31

So, in order to spend more, I’ve set my sights on the Mulberry, Lily Textured Leather Shoulder Bag. This is a timeless, classic little number and, I think I’m being eminently sensible by considering black. There’s another £595 I need to find!

Mulberry = Lily Textured leather £595shoulder bag -

Oh, I’m getting the sweats just thinking about this; lets move on to something slightly less spenny!

I’m thinking that a trench coat could be a good, classic purchase. This one, the Riley Trench, from Whistles, ticks the box at £155.

Whistles Riley trench coat £155

Much as I love my Tom Ford sunglasses, I’m feeling the need to diversify. I wanted to get a pair of these Ray-Ban Aviators last year but, alas, it didn’t quite come off. Will this be the year?

A provisionally, well spent £120, I think. As £’s/ wear go these could be a proper billy bargain.

Ray- ban aviator sunglasses £115I have been hunting high, and low for a heeled, ankle boot that I can spend the day in. I haven’t managed to find better than the Acne Pistol boot, £350. as unoriginal as it is, they fit the bill. I’d like a pair in coffee please.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 22.00.21

I’m going to digress a bit for my last lust of January.

My newly decorated living room has a corner, that is crying out to be filled. This Strasbourg Armchair, £645 reduced to £580, from Brissi, would be a perfect fit!

Brissi Strasbourg armchair £645:580

I’ve just added that little lot up, “aarrgghh!” is all I can say.

Oh well, it is a lust list, and for the most part, I think I will just have to keep lusting!

But, if insanity does take hold which bag should I buy?

Until next time.