It’s Good to be Back!!

I’m back after a two-week hiatus caused by a slight technical problem…commonly known as broken bloody laptop!!!

Aside from battling with technology, I have also spent the past two weeks battling to lose weight.

Every pound is an uphill struggle, but 7 weeks in and I have managed to shed 10lbs!! I was happy with this until Mr R decided to be supportive and join in…1 week later and he had somehow managed to shed 9lbs!

If I’d had the strength, I’d have hit him. How is that possible!?!?!

To aid this mammoth weight loss mission I have also turned myself into Forest Gump.

Three times a week, I can be seen pounding the pavements looking like someone with ‘all the gear and no idea!’ With the help of my trusty App Bridge to 10k, I am now almost up to 5 miles and loving every minute of it …honest!!

Onto much more exciting stuff and you may remember that in my January Lust List I had my eye on this rather lovely chair from Brissi.

Brissi Strasbourg armchair £645:580

This morning whilst having a mindless shifty through Mr R’s discarded Evening Standard I came the across the same chair but from Alison at Home. However this chair was a total bargain… £645 reduced to £295 + £40 delivery.

Alison at Home - Rochelle French Armchair, £295

Alison at Home – Rochelle French Armchair, £295

Too exciting, I had to do a double take, this was too good to be true!

Obviously I didn’t want them to realise what a bargain this was and take it off the site so I had to move quickly, before 8.30am this morning I was the proud owner of a new armchair.

I think this may well be a new record for me!!

Big thank you Mr R for kindly forgetting to dispose of your paper, A) because you have helped me tick off one of my Lust Lists items and B) for unwittingly guiding me to a great new interiors website. I will certainly be purchasing more from here!!

We’re on the cusp of sales time and after this fabulous bargain I went on to discover a few more places where bargainous moments are waiting to be had!!



Bernard Boutique

My Theresa

Sadly my Chloe handbag has not appeared on any of these sites yet but I’m keeping them peeled!!

Have a lovely weekend.


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