The girls’ day out that went the distance!!

The smug feeling of my last post has well and truly evaporated!

The Easter holidays got the better of me and as a result most of my to do list, including this blog got shelved!!

Back to it now though… My girls day out/ shopping trip for a handbag arrived on Saturday. A great day was had by all but alas I am still handbag less. More of that later.

An army marches on its belly so the day began with our trio settling in for a spot of brunch at The Delaunay.

Before it got messy!

Before it got messy!

As usual all three of us were on some kind of weight watching, no dairy, no wheat, “I’m seeing a personal trainer’ kick so the brunch menu in all its fabulousness was a worry, however we all very sensibly opted for the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and soda bread toast option. (I can’t do food envy!).


I’m salivating just seeing it again, it was delicious!

Now to the shopping… we hit Long Acre and first stop was Ted Baker as lucky for us, we had Gail and her 40% discount in tow! I have to say I held firm as my money was on a bag but Kat managed to bag herself a dress for Ascot… She’ll hate me for doing this but I got to put a piccie in as she looked amazing!

A bargainous £95.40 with the discount… you can’t go wrong!!

We whipped through the stores picking up bits and pieces here and there… I did concede and allowed myself to get this jumper in Cos, though quite why I felt the need to buy knitwear on the hottest day of the year so far is beyond me!!

Cos- Raised knit jumper, £49.99

Cos- Raised knit jumper, £49.99

We did of course have to spend a bit of time in Selfridges, where Gail happily parted with her cash and vouchers in return for this rather nice Sophie Hulme bag!

Sophie Hulme- Double zip bag, £540

Sophie Hulme- Double zip bag, £540

So where is your bag, I hear you ask?

I spent a happy hour getting my knickers in a complete twist whilst draped in a multitude of Chloe saddle bags. Yes, I’ve changed my mind and decided that the Stella Falabella is not my ‘go to gotta have it bag’ I now need one of these beauties in my life..

Chloe - Marcie large hobo, £!055

Chloe – Marcie large hobo, £!055

After much deliberation grey (surprise, surprise!) was the colour of choice and the Marcie large hobo was the style however I just couldn’t bring myself/ justify/ afford the huge £1055 price tag!!

I am now going to stalk the online sales and see if this bag drops to a more palatable price point…if not does anyone have any bright ideas!!?!?!?

A quick potter and rest at Liberty’s in their to die for interiors floor.

Gail about to do Jackanory

Gail about to do Jackanory

and our day was rounded off nicely with dinner at Brasserie ZedelGetAttachment-7.aspxThey do the best profiteroles… I’d better mention that by this point in the proceedings the weight watching, no dairy, no wheat, “I’m seeing a personal trainer’ had been completely forgotten as we began to down our Kir Royales and wine!!

We obviously couldn’t leave it there so onto Hix for a cocktail which turned into a few for the road and I eventually got home, Burger King in hand ( so classy) at midnight!!

It's now messy!!

It’s now messy!!

Thanks girls for a great day and when’s the next one!?!?


9 thoughts on “The girls’ day out that went the distance!!

  1. Brilliant day was had by all I see! And Kat does look amazing in that dress and what a fabulous colour. When I see people wearing a bright red like that, it invariably looks fabulous but do I have the guts for something like that – NO. So I live vicariously through other people.

    Your bag will come …

  2. What a fun day and you certainly packed plenty into it. Love the red dress and your Cos jumper too. The scrambled egg and smoked salmon would have been my choice too and the Marcie Large Hobo in grey is such a versatile bag too.

    • I can highly recommend the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in fact if I went back I’d find it difficult to order differently as I’d be annoyed if it wasn’t as good!xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great day out! Keep your cash and wait for the sales, you are bound to find one reduced. I found Harrods was the best for reductions in the last sale, so keep em peeled!

  4. O.M.G.!! Which actually was what I said out loud when I saw the pic of the grey bag. Deee-vine. Fingers crossed that you get it. Lovely post … has got me thinking that it’s time for me to organise a girls day out too. Nothing beats them for absolute unadulterated fun!!

  5. Hi there!! Sounds like such a fun day out and Kat looks gorgeous in her red dress, what a stylish bargain! Sharron is right, wait until the sales-she picked up awesome bargains at Christmas!! xxx

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