March Lust List

Here we are at the end of March already, a quarter of the year done and still we haven’t seen even a whiff of sun, remember what that is!?!

It’s Lust List time!

The pole position is completely unrivalled this month.

The thing I want most in the world is to lie on a sunny beach, feel warm and acquire a lovely golden tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.36.06Sadly unless Mr R has a surprise Easter break up his sleeve the above is not going to occur. Therefore my beach holiday is being replaced with the next best thing…a Sienna X spray tan!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 19.34.44

Have you had on of these? It has got to be the most natural looking spray tan and will have to suffice…for now!

Keeping on the summer theme, (it will turn up one day, even if it is only for one day!) my next lust are these gorgeous Burberry studded leather sandals. I have a little obsession with yellow. Unfortunately yellow doesn’t always look that great on me. I do believe, however that I could get away with these little lemon delights on my feet!

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

Burberry- Studded leather sandals, £315

This is a bit of a umberella lust… I have been to ‘& Other Stories’ for a second time now and still have not managed to try anything on, very frustrating! My 3rd lust has therefore got to be, a que-less changing room in & Other Stories. I’m pretty convinced that if this were achieved, I would be lethal as I lust after most of the store!!

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

& Other Stories- Draped Dress, £45

Next lust… leather leggings. I’m talking the real McCoy here not pleather. Tell me, is this wrong when you’re knocking on the door of 40 and not a supermodel? Most of these are around the £600 mark, however Baukjen have the Liv Leather Legging for £299 but they’re not due back in stock until May!!

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

Baukjen- Liv leather legging, £299

I still don’t have my Acne Pistol boots, but I am now thinking that I need a pair which will work in the summer with dresses etc. My boot lust of the moment – the All Saints Suede Bonny boot. I think this is a really manageable heel height and hopefully I won’t look like Gulliver in Lilliput!

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

All Saints- Suede Bonny Boot, £165

My final lust is from Crew Clothing. Probably a bit naughty but when I was designing for S/S ’13 last year, I threw in one or two pieces that I might like in my own wardrobe!! The Corina Cotton Dress was one such item. Hooray, it’s in stock and double hooray, I still like it! This is a great dress for hot days and holidays. I’m going to belt it and wear it with my Burberry sandals and the new bag that will be on my shoulder imminently!!

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Crew Clothing- Corina cotton dress, £55

Ooops, how could I forget the most important lust of all…EASTER EGGS!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.14.46

So there you have my March lusts, what do you think, what are you lusting after at the moment?

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!


9 thoughts on “March Lust List

  1. The Bonnie boots are really nice – I’ve seen them in store and was quite drawn to them. I’ve been on the & Other Stories website a few times and whilst trying to make my mind up about anything, everything just sells out so fast! Maybe I can squeeze in another visit to London this year so I can visit the store but the train fare is extortionate and I could afford some nice clothes for the price!

  2. I’m a fake bake girl myself and I use it on my clients all the time. I have a photo on my phone of sandals from River Island that look just like the Burberry one’s you have featured. I also don’t have the Acne’s, Ash, Marant etc etc boots, one day one day….

  3. Hi, I have had great success with two pairs of fab shoes from & Other Stories, the quality is superb and they look as if I paid 5 times the price!!……Hope you find something soon? xx

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