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The weather has not deterred me… today I made it to Regent Street for the store opening of ‘& Other Stories‘.

Along with a fair few other nutters, I waited in the rain for half an hour. The lovely staff at & Other Stories kept us going by offering up gorgeously packaged snacks… and then once through the door I was greeted with a goodie bag!

Thank you very much, I’m liking this already. Here’s my booty!

IMG_0236 I have to say that the opening was akin to the first day of the sales and there was pretty much a stampede. I’m not a huge fan of sales…can’t stand people getting in my way so it was a flying visit!

Anyhow, here are the windows. Please excuse the very large (slightly squiiffy!) pictures but I thought it would be easier to see!!



Once through the door I suffered a huge case of snow blindness. There was so much to look at, I was completely beside myself and didn’t know where to start!

This 2 floor store is definitely a lovely piece of affordable heaven.

They have achieved exactly what they set out to do. The aim was to deliver a range of masculine tailoring and feminine chic. Big tick.

Everywhere I looked, I found ‘lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range”. Another big tick.


The shop fit and layout reminded me of DKNY, all clean rails,interspersed with beautifully presented tables and shelves full of  yummy accessories & shoes.

Colour was everywhere, bright pinks, greens, blues, tastefully displayed in amongst black, navy and grey. Yes this is totally up my street!



The range was a lovely mix of casual daywear pieces and clean occasion wear. I would say that it is a more commercial version of Cos. The silhouettes are generally easier and although I didn’t manage to try anything on, changing rooms were full and even waiting for shoes was painful; there was no shortage of items I would have happily given a whirl!

However clothing is not the only delight inside this fabulous new store. Dotted in between the rails were areas given over to make up and beauty products, underwear, shoes, bags. Honestly I think I could spend a day in there and come out with all I needed!


The fabric choice ranged from cotton jerseys through to leather, with a large percentage in the middle being polyester, but well-chosen polyesters with a more expensive look and hand feel than the price points would suggest. Prints were understated and sophisticated florals and abstracts.


Due to the looming school pick up this was a smash and grab visit (without the grab!), unfortunately I didn’t manage to try anything on so no purchase was made.

I will, however be heading back to & Other Stories as I think it has most of my summer wardrobe sits within its four walls!

There has been a lot of hype/ marketing around this brand so I was really hoping that it would live up to expectations. Happily I can say that it exceeded them!

From what I’ve seen today I think there will be a fair amount of & Other Stories product in my wardrobe from now on!

If you aren’t able to visit the store, check out their website.

Happy weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “& Other Stories

  1. Hi there!! great review and pictures and I think I would like to go and check it out, I definitely feel I could make a purchase of maybe some tailored trousers, bag or item of jewellery-it all looks so lovely and very well set out! Sorry you didn’t get the chance of a purchase, hopefully next time! Have a good weekend! xxx

    • If you get the chance I’d definitely recommend a visit. I’ll be going back, but I think I’ll wait until all the fuss has died down! have a good weekend, Kat x

  2. I got to the bottom of your post and you never saw anyone hit the link to the website as quick! Lovely stuff. I wasn’t sure from the initial tasters I got from magazines but the website if fab. Thanks for checking out and letting us know. Off to have a really good browse. I sent a jacket back today … some money to spend here instead maybe?

  3. I cannot wait to get there (not ’til August .. sob!) and see it for myself. In the meantime I will be plaguing them to start deliveries to Ireland. It looks amazing .. great review Kat. Next best thing to being there! PS; Your blog disappeared from bloglovin’ for a while .. not sure what happened, but have you reinstalled again!

    • Glad you liked the review, it was definitely worth the wait in the rain!! Thanks for the heads up re Bloglovin’, not sure what happened there!?? I’ll have a look at it. xx

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