Desperately Seeking a Sweater!!

Well it’s official, I am now 38 years old and edging ever closer to the BIG four 0000HHH!!

The momentous day was passed at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Yes, I spent my birthday looking around ‘The Warrior’, a 150 year old warship, on a boat trip around the Portsmouth Harbour and then the Piece de Resistance…lunch.

A boozy 3 course meal, I hear you ask?

Don’t be ridiculous Mr R treated me to jacket potato, cheese and beans in a boat shed!!!

I wonder, does he knows me at all!?!!

Birthday done and with the weather doing its usual yo- yo, warm / cold / colder act, I have decided that I need to jump on the sweater/ sweatshirt bandwagon and bag myself one.

In dreamland I would like a wardrobe full of Markus Lupfer sweaters, but unfortunately I must live in reality, and £250 (plus the rest) just can’t be justified for day in day out school run attire…or can it?!?!

Markus Lupfer, Ice Cream sequin - embelished knit - £322.

Markus Lupfer, Ice Cream sequin – embellished knit – £322.

With kids in tow, I managed to smash and grab through two shops at high-speed, before the inevitable whining began, don’t you just love half term?

First up French Connection. I have to say, I wasn’t bowled over. This may be doing FCUK a huge injustice, I was, after all trying on in a hurry and I do find that having children around in a fitting room tends to make everything look horrid!!!!

The Solitude Sweatshirt, £55, did me no favours. the neck was very wide but this was the least of my problems, I looked akin to a pig in a sling! So bad, in fact I can’t bring myself to put the picture on here!! Instead here is the model doing a much better job…I personally don’t believe it’s the same top!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 15.23.20

I then moved onto the Lovebird Sequin L/S Sweater, £67. Not quite as offensive but, again I don’t think it’s ‘my style of beauty’ as my Gran would say. I found myself thinking that I may be better off spending the extra £200 and going for the Rolls Royce!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.57.24

Beginning to panic now…I’m running out of time!!

Onto Whistles… I feel like a cracked record, but they do always seem to come up trumps for me!!

BINGO – The Jamie Woven Back Sweat, £65, was a much better fit and the woven back was a really nice detail. Definitely a piece I could wear day and night. I think I will be going back to purchase this lemon delight. Apologies for the rubbish pic, I was trying, ( an it appears failing) to show the woven triangle insert at the front neck.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.56.44

I left the back view to the pro's

I left the back view to the pro’s

Next I tried the Contrast Sleeve Textured Tunic, £85. Probably won’t be buying this, but a great knit with faux leather sleeves. Again apologies for the photo…that’s my ‘concentrating’ face!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.56.22

Finally I somehow managed to veer completely off track and found myself trying on the Lena Jersey Jacket, £95. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, I have been circling it as if it were prey for a while. Anyway, It didn’t disappoint. I would very much like to have one, if not 2 of these, preferably plain and striped in my wardrobe. Great fabric, cut and colour, ( I am obsessed with grey!), YES PLEASE!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 14.57.48

And so it is, that I shall probably find myself back in Whistles come the end of half term, making a couple of purchases, Huzzah!!

Any successful, ‘shopping with kids’ tips will be gratefully received…obviously getting shot would be no.1!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking a Sweater!!

  1. Hi there! Belated birthday wishes, sounds like you had a great day! Out of all the pieces you tried on I really like the Whistles jamie sweat best, the colour is flattering and it’s a good cut too! have a good weekend! xx

  2. I love the little Whistles blazer. It’s the kind of thing I need because I don’t actually have any little jackets like that. I have innumerable coats but very few blazers/jackets. I will have to take a look in Whistles – I’ve not been in since early January when the sales were still on. I need to see the new stock. First hand of course.

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