High Time For Low Heels?

What a pants week!

I’ve spent a few hours in Kingston Hospital on 2 separate occasions, employed the services of 3 different insurance companies, got a parking ticket, and the cherry on my cake…the Radcliffe household has suffered yet another bout of Norovirus!!

When will this run of bad luck end?!

Feeling a little down in the dumps, I’ve decided to post about something that always makes me smile…SHOES!!

I am ever so slightly obsessed with shoes, so I’m amazed that I managed to miss them off of my Trans- Seasonal Wardrobe list!

Thank you very much to Helen, at The Flaky Fashionista for pointing out this huge faux pas!

High heels are a right of passage for all women.

Most of us love them, but sadly, few of us can walk in them.

So why do we obsess over them so much?

Two reasons – We think they make us look taller and thinner!!

As Catlin Moran wrote, in ‘How To Be a Woman’,

“Women wear heels because they think they make their legs look thinner, ENDOV. They think that by effectively walking on tip-toes, they’re slimming their legs down from a size 14 to a size 10. But they aren’t of course. There is a precedent for a big fat leg dwindling away into a point – and it’s on a pig.”

Harsh as it is, she speaketh the truth. You’ve gotta love her!

At 5’10”, I’m not lacking in the height department. When donning a pair of heels, I apparently make Mr R (who is around 6′) feel like Bernie Ecclestone. Therefore the skyscraper-esque, footwear trend of recent seasons, is one I haven’t really gone all out for!!

However, happy days, are ahead, the height of the ‘fashion heel’ looks set to make a swift descent!

A new, low heeled dawn is breaking over Spring Summer ’13.

Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton – Designers who are normally just a bit ahead of the trend curve; are shifting away from the vertiginous, killer heel, in favour of more wearable flats or kitten heels.

Louis Vuitton S/S '13

Louis Vuitton S/S ’13

Marc Jacobs S/S '13

Marc Jacobs S/S ’13

 Miu Miu S/S '13

Miu Miu S/S ’13

It is no coincidence that this shoe trend is evolving, hand in hand with the revival of all things 60’s. There is a very definite Edie Sedgwick/ Twiggy feel about them.

Might there be a night out, on the not too distant horizon, when I will leave and arrive home, wearing the same pair of shoes?

Upon further inspection, it appears that the horizon may be further away than I’d thought. Finding examples of these lower heeled delights was no easy task.

There are 3 pairs below but they’re not perfect by any stretch!

It appears that this trend may take a little time to trickle onto the High Street!

Reiss, Honoree Rich Blue Patchwork Flat Shoe. £139

Reiss, Honoree Rich Blue Patchwork Flat Shoe. £139

Zara, Vamp Shoe with Ankle Straps. £25.99

Zara, Vamp Shoe with Ankle Straps. £25.99

ASOS, Suki Pointed Heels. £35

ASOS, Suki Pointed Heels. £35

So what do you think?

Can you see this trend taking off?

Will these elegantly, grown up shoes be the saviour of your tender toes or will you be sticking to the higher variety and hoping that you don’t break an ankle!?

Happy Weekend!



6 thoughts on “High Time For Low Heels?

  1. Hi there and thank you for the kind mention. Although not quite 5ft 4″, I haven’t worn killer heels for many, many years. Mainly because I can’t walk in them but also because I’m not sure that tottering around trying to appear tall and willowy (when I’m clearly not!) is a good look. I’m very excited by the re-emergence of the mid and low heel. Bring them on, I say! (God how my mother would laugh is she heard me … me, who spent much of my youth scoffing at her flat shoes!)

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