A Tiny Touch of Teenage Envy!

I have been home alone this week.

On Saturday morning, at dawns crack, Mr R jetted off to Boston.

Call me stupid, but it was only once I’d fully woken up, that I began my wonderings…

Why would he need to leave so early on Saturday if he wasn’t working until Monday!?!?!

It transpires that the sneaky bugger had made a miraculous recovery from man flu, and had gone to stay with our friends, the lovely Andrew Family. How nice!

There really is only one way that Mr R can redeem himself, and that would be to have a nice hoard of shopping with him upon his return!

Although Mr R, if you’re reading this, and at the risk of sounding ungrateful, please don’t go to Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister.

My above request is because, quite simply, I have figure/ youth envy; both of which are necessary requirements for shopping at the afore-mentioned brands.

There is nothing quite like a quick trip to either of these stores, or perhaps, Gilly Hicks and Jack Wills to make you fully aware that you are ever so slightly old, and a just a little bit crumbly!!

These shops are like night clubs, often dark, (how do you see what you’re buying?) with REALLY LOUD music and shop assistants, who all look like models. Oh, and lets not forget, (though, I’m not complaining) the real life, half-naked male models, who distract you, whilst you try to concentrate on clothes that, to put it bluntly, would look better on your 8-year-old daughter!!Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 21.48.51

I’m not bitter though, just insanely jealous of anyone who can legitimately call themselves the target customer!!

The first inkling of my figure/ youth envy occurred as I hit thirty. This coupled with the fact, that as a child of the 70’s, and thus a teenager of the 90’s, I was devastatingly, short-changed on the teen fashion front.

I’m not getting over it any time soon!

The 60’s had Mary Quant and Biba.Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 20.57.44The 70’s had Malcolm Mclaren, punk and the infamous ‘SEX’ store.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 21.05.30 The 80’s brought us New Romantics, The Super Model and Madonna,

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 21.13.17

What the hell did the 90’s bring to the party?

There in lies the rub. It came along empty-handed.

The 90’s are known as ‘the decade that style forgot’ for a reason!

With no great fashion movement or trend to hang our hats on, and Chelsea Girl the be all, and end all of fashion for the under 30’s, my friends and I spent our most toned, & youthful years gracing night club dance floors; whilst, wearing a uniform that offered full body coverage, and was totally unsexy! It comprised of 501’s, tee shirts, biker boots or DM boots.

How we managed to attract any male attention dressed like this is beyond me. Maybe they were all blind drunk?!

Twenty- ish years later…NO! REALLY?!?! How did that happen? Times have changed, teenagers and twenty somethings now, quite literally, have the fashion world at their fingertips, and fairly frequently, Louboutin’s on their feet. When it comes to fashion they are totally spoilt for choice. They absolutely don’t know how lucky they are!

There, I’ve vented! This blogging thing is quite cathartic, but am I the only one who feels like this?

Does anyone else plan to relive their lost, late teens through their, poor unsuspecting, barely out of pre- school, daughters?

Have a happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Tiny Touch of Teenage Envy!

  1. Hi there! I agree, the ‘youth’ of today have a wealth of everything at their fingertips-fashion, vintage, internet, gadgets galore-but one thing my 19 yo said to me was ‘It must have been fun back in the 80s’ and to be honest at least we’ve got the experiences! Loved reading this post and thanks for stopping by too!

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