Another Day, Another Diet!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

How was your Christmas?

Mine was eventful to say the least.

Without going into detail, (seriously you wouldn’t believe me if I told you), we’ll just say that it didn’t go to plan and on Christmas Eve we found ourselves rushing around like headless chickens trying to find a turkey and all the other bits and pieces that Christmas entails.

Lady Luck was on our side, we already had a cheeseboard the size of a small country, every type of Christmas cake, mince-pie and desert you could think of, chocolates coming out of our ears and last but by no means least the essential nibbles!!!

Needless to say I ate my way from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day Eve. I then started where I left off on the 27th. When I wasn’t eating I was generally throwing something alcoholic down my neck!

Brilliant…I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That is until I tried to put my jeans on around 31st Dec. Horrific!!!

Somehow I’d managed to expand A LOT over the week.

What on earth happened?

Yet again I find myself at the beginning of another year with the resolution to ‘lose weight and get fit’ being my number one priority. As New Year Resolutions go these two are my staples.

Unfortunately I’m sadly lacking the two key personality traits that make keeping a resolution anywhere near attainable…Patients and Willpower.

If I don’t see results instantly, it’s over!

My bulging waist (and the rest) leave me no choice,  ‘My Fitness Pal’ app has become my new best friend.

In one week I have gone from feast to famine.

So I will venture forth in 2013 eating very little and counting calories like they’re going out of fashion.

I think, at this point I’m meant to post a pic of me now so that we can have a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ moment when I reach goal.

The ‘Before‘ pic is such an awful thought/ sight that I, A) can’t bring myself to post a picture that disgusting and B) It would be very unfair to make you unwittingly have to see it!

Therefore I am going to show you the type of look I’m aiming for…

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 16.07.20

Shouldn’t be too difficult, after all Heidi Klum may have been a Victoria’s Secret model but we’re roughly the same age and she has had children, hasn’t she?

Could it be that part of the reason my diets never work is because my goals are totally out of whack & unrealistic?!!

Never mind I will not be swayed from my unachievable quest.

So is anyone else on a diet/ fitness campaign?

Will anyone keep me company as I diligently avoid every food type I love & desperately try to convince myself that I do get an adrenalin high from exercise?!

Until next time, when I’ll get back to fashion & update you on how the diet is going.

Did I mention that I’m starving!!!


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