How to Shop a Sale

Yes people, it’s that time of year again!

The Boxing Day sales are nearly upon us.

A time when normally sane people will leave their homes and flock to Oxford Street or whichever shopping area they normally frequent, to spend their hard-earned money on a BARGAIN!!

My 92-year-old grandmother has always said “It’s only a bargain if you can afford it.” She’s very wise and always right!

Please can I add to this saying that it is also only a bargain if you end up using/ wearing your discounted purchase!

Fear not, there is a foolproof way to shop a sale. You need to take the fashion designer approach!

A non designer shopper will rifle through a sale rail with a look of pure glee on their face, whilst grabbing up anything and everything because it’s a bargain!

A fashion designer will view the same rail as if it were code that Bletchley Park would be pleased to crack.

For me, a rail bulging with the ‘must have’ colour of the season, first & foremost sends a very clear message that the designers ‘must have’ got it wrong.

The colour, in the cold light of discount day is unflattering and doesn’t suit anyone. Unless I am 100% sure I can pull of what 99% of the female population cannot the offending hue stays firmly on the rail and I make a mental note never to suggest it in a design meeting.

In the same vein the ‘it’ dress on the catwalk may well look fabulous on a 5′ 10″ , size 10 supermodel. It may not, however look so hot on the 5’5″, size 14 women in Oasis.

THE RULE : If something is in a sale en mass, it’s a sign. You should ask yourself why no one has bought it? Is it the colour, style, fit? Only when you’ve ascertained that you actually look good in the chosen garment should you purchase it.

Believe me this approach will save you money and when you do find something that works it will become like an old friend!!

Having said all of this I do enjoy a sale and I  have found a number of billy bargains over the years.

I have therefore trawled the internet to find some of what I consider to be the best no brainer bargains of the moment.

I would happily part with money for any of these!

Until next time…Happy Christmas and Happy Sale Shopping!!



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