Tina Sparkle & Bobby Dazzler.

School’s out on Friday, we’re ever so nearly there everyone, Yay!!

As a blogging newbie, I’ll confess, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time reading other Peoples’ blogs. Sorry everyone, I’m coming clean, I’ve been a total snoop and I’ve had a very enjoyable time doing it too!

A common blogging subject at the moment is, unsurprisingly Christmas and the obligatory Christmas Day/ party outfit. And as with every other year, the shops are awash with sequins, lurex and everything shiny.

The designer in me loves nothing better than a bit of ‘Tina Sparkle’ and I have been known to go hell for leather, when the opportunity to design a ‘WOW’ or as I like to call them, ‘Bobby Dazzler’ dress arises. Designing for  Coast was like Christmas everyday…my motto “More is More!”

It’s no secret, I am a self-confessed magpie. If it sparkles I must have it!!

For me sparkle should not be confined to the Christmas season. In my book it’s perfectly acceptable to do the food shop whilst wearing some form of glitz. I’m talking about an embellished tee or piece of knitwear here people, not full on occasionwear!

Baring the above in mind, you will understand the huge restraint required this year to reign myself in and not buy anything with even the subtlest touch of shimmer on it.

The reasoning behind this strange and very out of character decision?

Statement jewellery.

In September I observed a steady trickle of  beautiful, statement necklaces, bracelets & chandelier earrings parading along the A/W ’12 catwalks, and I fell in love!

At Bottega Veneta amazing necklaces were worn back to simple black knits.

Bottega Veneta

Whilst at Lanvin eye-popping pieces were mixed with lace, print and all manner of texture.


It goes without saying, I need some of this kind of bling in my life!!

Unfortunately for me, I’m a girl with champagne taste and a lemonade budget. Bottega Veneta and Lanvin will probably not be mine but I shall keep dreaming and they shall remain on my lust list.

Back down on earth I’ve been eyeing up the Lulu Frost range for Whistles. Gorgeous statement jewellery at a slightly more affordable price point.

Lulu Frost

A snip at £150.

Subtlety is my middle name and so I’ve been leaving various clues lying around the house in the form of Lulu Frost brochures and bookmarked pages on the laptop. This would be a very nice Christmas present from Mr. R!

So, to round things up…this Christmas day I shall not be wearing any form of sparkle. I shall instead, be wearing a very plain black, high-necked dress or top which will be in dire need of some form of bobby dazzler statement jewellery to liven it up!!!

Do I stand a cat in hells chance of getting this?

Will I spend Christmas day resplendent in my statement fabulousness or will I spend Christmas dressed for a funeral!??!


3 thoughts on “Tina Sparkle & Bobby Dazzler.

  1. Well that’s good news – I have nothing sparkly in my wardrobe, but a big(ish) necklace that belonged to my grandma waiting to be shown off! Thanks!

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