What is it with the Onesie!?!

I’ll try to keep this short, sweet and to the point.

Or maybe not so sweet. That will depend on your thoughts and feelings about this years ‘must have’ item of clothing… ‘The Onesie’!

I have to admit that I had taken very little notice of the random celebrities who had been ‘papped’ sporting what can only be described as a babygro for adults!!

But suddenly this odd Norwegian one piece is cropping up everywhere and I can no longer ignore it.

In the playground on mufti day, children who have been afforded the rare luxury of wearing anything they want to school, have opted for a Onesie?!?

Gaggle’s of teenage girls are (literally) dressed from head to toe in them, whilst doing a spot of Saturday shopping. Are they trying to attract or repel the opposite sex?

Brad Pitt has donned one and even he can’t pull it off…For goodness sake Mr Pitt, this is not a good look. I’m feeling very distressed!

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 10.11.00

Has the world gone mad, I ask myself?

Evidently yes.

This was confirmed when Mr. R , who is ever so slightly nudging 40 years old and a father of 2, thoughtfully announced that he would like a Onesie of his very own. Furthermore he had selected one. Really, REALLY?

Is this a midlife crisis?

Bank Fashion Onesie

Mr. R’s Onesie of choice!

Honestly, am I missing something?

This can only mean one thing… I’m getting old. I just don’t understand why anyone would allow themselves to be seen out in public wearing the above!

As fashion faux pas’ go the Onesie has got to be up there. Remember the puff-ball skirt?

There, rant over. I’ve  failed abysmally at keeping this short but I’m feeling better for getting it off my chest!

So the question is, should I put my own Onesie issues aside and buy Mr. R  his hearts desire for Christmas?


10 thoughts on “What is it with the Onesie!?!

  1. Only if you want to have a ‘weapon’ up your sleeve. A pic of Mr R in ‘that’ may be harmful and used against him in the future… Surely it is no more than a pyjamas anyway!

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