Fashion or Function at -17ºC

My first blog…here goes!!

Family Radcliffe have just returned from a fabulous weekend break in snowy (and ever so slightly cold) Switzerland. Saturday was rammed full of chocolate, snow, Santa, snow and a bit more snow all at sub-zero temperatures!

6000ft up above the clouds

So here’s the conundrum… What to wear when it’s -17•c? At what point do you forsake fashion for function?

For me it’s a no brainer, fashion designer/ personal stylist or not, cold is something I just cannot do!

The minute my fingers and toes go numb is the minute my mood turns foul & the air turns blue.  So for the general happiness of Mr. R and my children I decided that function would have to out.

Snow boots (and unfortunately they weren’t Chanel), base layers, and layer upon layer of clothing later, I felt ready to brave the elements & looked not dissimilar to the Michelin Man. My Tom Ford sunglasses my one concession to style.

The Michelin Man effect!!

The Michelin Man effect!!

There are many pitfalls to this layering fiasco.

The largest of which has got to be the problematic spending of a penny! Or to be precise, the spending of two small pennies!

The removal of salopettes, base layers and all manner of underwear from two frantically jigging & desperate children is, to be frank not funny. My newly acquired Michelin Man sized body could barely fit into the teeny tiny cubicle & still fully layered up I was in grave danger of self combusting.

So it was that one loo break down a unanimous decision was made… we’d happily opt for dehydration. Liquid was to be avoided at all costs!!

Moving swiftly on…

It transpires that Sunday  a la Swiss is a day of rest. This was news to us!!!

A morning was spent Von Trapp style, traipsing around the mountain tops as we hunted higher and higher for someone who could loan us a sledge or ski’s. To no avail. The hills were definitely not alive with the sound of music. In fact the only sound was that of a very disgruntled eight year old who was sorely unimpressed by her parents total lack of organisation!

Having given up on this fruitless exercise we headed back down the mountain into town for some much-needed sustenance.

But, surprise surprise nothing was open… except, that is for the Lausanne Palace Hotel.

Weary and starving we successfully managed to lower the tone of their very plush hotel bar. Salopettes and snowboots removed we perused the menu.  Four croque monsieur’s for 100 francs…you’ve got to be joking!

We ordered four diet cokes and a plate of chips. Unfortunately our GCSE level French overlooked the fact that chips in French means crisps. Needless to say we left still starving!!

Not quite what I had in mind!!

Not quite what I had in mind!!

Off to the airport and finally we found food drink and other living souls. I also found the Toblerone. Happy days!!!

Why do I always buy Toblerone at an airport ? Does it have a pavlovian inducing effect?

Is that just me?


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